1. It is too warm for this sweater and it scratches my left arm in this window seat. I am unsure where this boisterous boy comes from, bravado is an empty suitcase by my side. I leave first to avoid run-ins and cigarette-length conversations. We are immediate.

2. If you were dark and evergreen like the pacific northwest, would you ever grow up?

3. I keep the closest things to me in picture frames, pinned down like bodies never were, like lies we still tell ourselves to survive.

4. I deceive, I contain, if I break apart the jagged edges show. Keep me steady on a rotten sea, diamonds in gray water, mud puppies and translucent guppies, let’s pretend you’re porcelain. Let the light be the only one we’re touching.

5. And then we will know if this is what we wanted.


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