There are no speed limits on life for moments like this, where my knees hit everything in sight on the way down and someone’s making somber calls. If I don’t believe in this hard enough it won’t be true; today was for goodbyes. We can be both right and wrong like parallel lines. How callous my brain is for thinking of you in soft words, you deserve only the sound of lips pressed to skin or sun. Every moon makes a noise for you, we know. Will this winter be the darkest? I loved you against logic, I loved you with each finger and toe, I love you with all the losses that came before this. I can’t bring myself to wipe your handprints off the wall so I made them into a banner. We got these emotions out of thick air, humidity we were hoarding for the summer spent together, but steam released will fog January car windows ’til we’re not sure we’re highway driving at night, cautionary edicts ignored like hitchhikers these days. My bedroom finally stopped smelling like your shampoo.

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