i like that you speak softly of me, like those nights on my living room floor, where i take back all the kisses i never gave you on eyelids and cheeks, where i give up the rigidity we mocked, trials of blue flames and rising smoke.

i like that you’re all ivories and mouth bow/tongue arrow, i like that i am still surprised by how small your hand feels in mine, you seemed bigger to me from afar.

i like when we both pause with our eyes locked on each other’s lips, i like when the Insert-Tab-A into Slot-B’s of our bodies work, our legs are a circadian rhythm, you are my pulse.

i like how i love you like the world will end someday and our bodies will be less than dust (dust to dust) but we will be the air swirling around two trees, forever entwined.

i love you like you are my life.

i like that i love you.


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