1. I am made of copper

you laugh

but my body

is conductor

to electrical impulses

spontaneous erosions

and electrodes

2. never sweat the small stuff

unless the small stuff is a swift uppercut to your gut

then sweat til

they don’t recognize

where the water comes from

3. made for you and me

i bent

but i am the stuff homes are made of

you may like high rises

i do not know

4. i am weak unless wrapped around

and around and around

5. i creak i creak i creak

it hurts so much to stay still

i move to forget

6. i am out of metaphors for the ache behind my eyes

from every conversation

i try not to ask

when did you first notice i became an open wound

and all my words

were sand and glass

confetti in your teeth

7. i forgot i had a few

lies to live up to

to save face

it got easier

to pretend i was okay


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