I don’t know what mornings are without you, now, remember my name when they ask you who loved you first. I loved you whole and with the broken bits sticking out between my teeth, magpie bait for magic grinders. Tomorrow we will be iller in ways we don”t know but feel safer because your hand was on my back and that means we will be okay for the least five. I think about how equivalent years from now you might not remember my name, and that’s why I want to place it on your lower lip, tenderly, like she never did. I want to be what is lost out on but I know that’s all Lewis & Clark tales, you just don’t know our hands fit together because we haven’t tried yet to touch. One day we’ll love like this is laughter, press together like we are air, but now I steal your glances like child and candy bowl, lockbox safe until you realize we could be in love love love.


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