First Fight

I can walk down the staircase with my eyes closed, swinging the turn with loose knees. I felt my face flush from the flames of those burnt bridges we played under, the river deep enough for those “if-your-friends-jumped” nights to show the moon her face reflected in sunken aluminum. Did you know they didn’t write enough love songs as casket-side reminders that you get love like you lose it, you can’t find it when you put it down and then– a Heimlich maneuver in your sleep. You remember the first time you saw me, and I told a boy that once too; that is how I know you, dream home television commercials and roadkill naivete all. This is how I loved you so much easier than waking in the morning became, back when we didn’t know yet; this is funny, to think of a world without the capitalized Us, u and i arranged together, greater glory days unimaginable to a smoky mind. And I’ll remember how your eyes twinkle, and I use cliches only when they ring true, when I knew you meant it, and that’s why I stay.

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