Days Off

Your lips lay like a flatline on those beginnings we had planned out, we had all them stories saved up in mason jars

like the time you lost your bike or when I went back into the sky and only you saw


You used to use your lips as lighters, burn me back up again,

you said

we’re always okay

and that didn’t mean what I thought it did.

I bite my lips because I used to worry,

I don’t worry much anymore, I whispered to myself last night


and this makes me more real

than church choir boys, sitting in a row, facing forward,

you never really got these poetry lines, did you? You will find this line antagonizing, won’t you? Paint a sad picture of my victimization and betrayal woes; I put you on a pedestal and I am fine.

You don’t stop loving someone. You let go of the rope but still feel it in your palms. It always feels like falling til I wake up on my mattress in the morning.



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