i love you like a bottle

so glass and clear

hard and heavy

in dark bars and bedrooms

leading to stalled

emotional vomit on this white dress

we danced drunk in your kitchen once

listened to bright eyes in the dark

and you cried

cause you didn’t want me to leave if we broke

but you throw out those bottles

i said

we got separate bins for recyclables, too,

but we know i don’t sort, that baby-bathwater combo seems like a done deal.

i burn down houses with whiskey

and lighters

even though i know glass don’t burn.

i love you like scotch,

neat and strict,

so biting, and we all know it’s not good for you,

i keep drinking the despondence,

the cadence of my gulps brings your exasperation,

i’m hung over too, love.

you’re a martini, the dirtier the better

so your hands taste like other people’s salt, tell me dearest

did you know alcohol can keep you up at night?

i’ve got shot glasses i look through,

fired a round of those promises i want you to make

cause when you’re drunk once you told me it was forever

to stop a fight.

that was towards the end.

we got a love like liquor

cause we’re quicker

than most to hit the rocks, right?

that’s why this flows so smooth in your glass?


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