when you wake up in a brand new bed

does your arm


across too? i miss the smells of you coming home

like the sound of church bells

from under my tombstone.

never even seen that movie,

can you believe it?

you’re an agnostic lover and know it,

so unsure of assurances.

got no insurance

still broke

got no life savings

when did I get saved

got no plans

you told me god would laugh in my face.

i am a shy guy, standing in the corner when we got to heaven

waiting for seraphim to approach me first

waiting for saints to make small talk.

i broke my bed with a pick axe

sawed off the legs and bleached my sheets

cleaned my soul holy

and used my money to buy my friends beer.

called my mom from a payphone

to tell her things are still fine

i didn’t tell her

how much better it’s all getting.


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