people i don’t hate

i. still in that bed with your hands
wandering like you were lost
and you stopped saying sorry once
you stopped getting something out of it
your name is never on my tongue

ii. people don’t change that much
can’t grow with no light
you’re no special flower
even weeds need soil and water and spring
but I loved the stem of what you once were
the absence of your bloom
avert eyes

iii. remind me
who wrote you letters
got a shoebox of your leftovers
jumper cables
sit still so you can’t see me move

iv. if i had to walk away
if i followed through
if i said your name in my sleep
don’t blame you for
not wanting to be buried alive
self immolaters don’t typically hold hands
it’s okay now
i’m okay now

v. thank you

vi. we, the people
we, the family
we, two trees
i saw us sway in the wind
we looked up at the same stars
a level of distance, this atmosphere
i smile


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