letter to editor.

cursory tales of
happenstance, in your hands
become classifieds
penny saver
what’s black and white
and red all over?
all over again
wanted ads
south Chicagoland
I once said I’d write a book
“All My Exes Hate Me,
and Other Lies I Tell of Them”
so you’d finally see your name
in print
to sleep perchance to forget
I keep novels about the
times you meant to write me
my obituary is just
a passive aggressive note I’d like
to pin on your fridge
and fold up in your
childhood lunchbox
scrawled in crayon
asking forgiveness for all
that you did to me
that I let you do to me
that you said I made you do to me
put it on the front page
extra extra
I kept myself sick in the head
so my mother would lay the Tribune
next to my bed
like lining a dog’s crate
try to spy the secret ways
they work your messages into copy
if I rearrange the automobile ads
they could spell out I MISS YOU
but there’s a bunch of letters left
they didn’t think of that when they
christened them Mitsubishi
and Yamaha
so word jumbled
trying to relearn how to read now
and I love all the words you have never seen before


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