cause and effect

it comes back, you know,
like an orbit
I saw it once in a sheet of ice
I heard it once
in the way I was spoke down to
“you’ll understand when you’re older,”
resent the implication
resist and find myself
recoil at the honesty.

if you feel shitty about doing something,
it was a shitty thing to do.
if you don’t want to hurt someone,
you just don’t.
we made these incomplete contracts
and had you sign them in blood
before my silly putty heart
saw you used erasable ink.

you can do what you want
look at the pinprick you made
and chose that as your life.

Patrick met her
she was talking shit about his best friend
Nico met her
she asked for more page views
Jessica has few stories to tell
most people think she has less to offer in terms of fame

I am met biannually
I’m never a constant
You have to know how to uproot
I have a lot of priors
and I never heard nicer words than
what they think of me behind my back
when you just cut at the stems
you leave room for rot.

I don’t think things are
so insurmountable
I know you can’t have it all
even if all is two.


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