how to tell if you’re a long-distance nothing:

I listen

to temptation on this broken record player

modern but fashioned to feel


while I dream of my grandparents’ 

first dance. 

want both tulle and tuxedos? 

mason jar centerpieces like every other couple? 

whose mother will cry first?

I say this all while my 

spine would melt

candle flame under Galway crystal butter dish

if only you would touch it, please,

if only it was you,

if only the waiting got easier 

once you know waiting is what gotta let go,

but it’s in your eyes, the waiting,

so I kiss them in my sleep,

my left in your right and vice versa. 

should we dance to miles davis or sinatra?

where’s your t-bird, and can I wear your pin?

do you like drive-in movies about

perfectly functional relationships?

I don’t know, sometimes they’re kind of sweet. 

when you run out of firsts, at first

you feel sad but


you’re something new

but something familiar. 


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