I am facing every nightmare 

Like tornadoes are hairdryers. 

Forget happenstance,

I made the majors, the majors made me. 

In the future I am no longer afraid to make myself try. 

Correction, quotation. 

Atlantic is a wading pool 

For deep sea dreaming

I can appreciate a good underwater wreck like anybody else

But you don’t see me bragging bout what I returned. 

Always room on the board for one more. 

Can always get a little better. 

Never really realized

I have a body of silly putty bricks, keep your thumbprint 

On my skin

Til I stretch out. 

Tight calves, deep breath

Hard heart, deep breath. 

Zero is neither negative nor positive 

So stand like your back can’t break

When it whirls round the form

Of what they call

“your body”

(still trying to get back to the strange, all the stars call you home). 

Some days Chicago looks so aquamarine

And I’m not afraid to cry

And I can say I’m in love

And I never knew myself so beautifully. 

Recognize my eyelids are sunsets 

And smile is a hearth

And I’m not leaving voicemails for who you used to be. 

It’s almost as if I can move these concrete shoes. 



Short sight, deep breath

That gut feeling, deep breath. 


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