(A Stroke of Genius): J. Varisco, 7/1/2015

The waves are really swirling into each other

(I set off smoke alarms)

It makes me feel like someone’s going to jump out

(The story opens or closes with a saxophonist on a night pier)

The Universe is in Franklin Roosevelt’s eye

(I think I would like to work where I can smell flowers)

Fuck that, who cares what they think?

(I drove in silence cause I’m sad sad sad)


Do you mind if I smoke another?

(Inside I equal Orion’s Belt, outside I am a skin suit)

We are the Universe’s contemplation

(I am resilient, I am sound, I broke like a wave and swelled with pride)


And my dad is not a big drinker

(Focusing on the present, where I focus on manifesting the future)

I sent the wrong text to the wrong people at the wrong time

(Your laugh is the doorbell to the house of a god I once knew)

It’s a constant exchange of energy

(And I get less frightened the more I know in my gut)

Are you sure you’re okay with being an accessory to crime?

(Infinity is a feeling you get when it makes more sense than not)

That’s a more concise way of putting it, thank you

(I am on your corner, a car crash echoes in my nerve endings)

We are all made of stars

(These are my favorite nights to be alive, whatever that means)


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