What Remains

I want to know

if you kiss your God with that 

tongue, if you

remembered all the things you tried

to forget about yourself

as a teenage mania. 

Why don’t you call?

Not that I care, I am curious

like a 

you think I will say cat,

but the end of that rhyme is 

“satisfaction brought it back,”

and I am still hungry. 

I never act out if hunger,

I don’t even eat. 

I starve myself of you. 

What was the last thing you wished for

when you walked home alone at night?

How little time can I take,

how much will you gift to me without

asking for a thank you card? 

Miss Manners. 

I miss your mannerisms. The last thing

I wished for was

to be alone

and now I am here with you. 


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