2 a.m. on 94-South

Sometimes the shadows of lamp lights

look like roadside bodies, splayed

and every car is a cop car. 

I’m not an alarmist,

but, granted,

I am more alert than most. 

I knew the minute I stopped loving you. 

I have thought of leaving

more than I can count

on fingers and toes. 

But where do I go?

I have done this so many times, I 

am tired tired tired

of the rebuilding. 

In regards to building:

looking back

making this life may have been a mistake. 

I don’t believe in regrets but here you are. 

Never thought I’d 

wear this shirt again,

it’s on her in the last photo we took together,

she bought it that summer

she said

she’d walk into traffic 

if I left. 

Since then I am always the one leaving. 

I wanted you to be new. 

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