You’ve got a lot of trophies in your walls,

I have some paint and am looking to make holes. 

This is so so happy. 

Never burned the letters I wrote cause those words

don’t need to become the atmosphere,

it’s very clear I’m the one who left 

and I thought I’d be more tired of being right. 

Only get tattoos that mean what you think,

only save the screenshots that show she’s been stepping out,

spend your time in an orderly fashion full of promise. That is what I learned. 

When I change a broken bulb, that’s the only time I think of you. 

When I hear about a wasted life, I remember to forget your name. 

When I saw the proof that my stomach is a barometer, that my eyes are seismic graphs, that my tongue is a satellite flung down to the Atlantic Ocean, I can sleep. 

I write notes for myself to find later:

thank you for the space to grow,

thank you for trusting the truth,

thank you for a love so calm and gentle. 

This is so so happy.