Bath & Bay

I’m writing this like you won’t see it,

like you don’t smell of rhododendrons 

and I am not watching true crime. 

I think I will know you in 

five years 

in such a different way

but I am glad to get where we’re going by taking the long road. 

No shotgun, no punch buggy. 

More mix tapes and late night texts about your exes. 

More cross-country dinner plans and finding out we like the same crystals. 

I think you are the kind of magic 

I’d like to make an altar to. 

I think I’d like to show you

how when I try, those walls

break down

(I was born when the Berlin toppled) 

and sometimes humans are the kind of good good,

like sunrises when you’re not too tired and have a cup of coffee

at the perfect temperature and you’re wearing a sweater. Very scenic. 

What I’m saying is I would care to be kind to you

and I don’t need much more than kind in return,

and we will see where that takes us

on this road. 

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