The problem is there aren’t words to say how I feel about youI had to create a new form of art for it, I call it breathing, I do it daily 

regularly, with a discomforting ease 

you see

I haven’t been this scared in a long time

like those nightmares I have where I stand in the middle of a roof,

and my body always slides to the edge, no matter

how straight I stand so tall so right

angle to the stucco gray rooftop

but the ground sways until I am sideways regardless. 

I slide off the edge. 

And I think every other time I needed it, but

this time instead it’s a wonder

and only for those stories you tell when my ghost is 

sitting on the corner of my four poster frame saying,

“When is it ever always safe?” 

That’s why I promised myself I wasn’t stagnant, stay sliding

tectonic and always thinking ahead. 

That’s why I think it would be

wrong to say

I don’t think of you



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